Until I transitioned to BuildFire, I've not downloaded an app where the app users have to take action to see new content. I'm completely shocked that in order for a user to see new content, they have to go to the side menu, then app settings and then to "check for new content." What user is going to want to do that? Seeing that this is not a new issue and has not been resolved is frightening, and i don't know that we will be able to combat this issue if not fixed and we might have to find an alternative platform. How could such an advanced/feature rich platform lack the functionality to display new content without having the user navigate to a button or close out and reopen the app. This particular issue completely devalues all the wonderful aspects/features of the buildfire system. I can only assume this is an issue for EVERYONE??? We've enjoyed working with the buildfire team, and I hope they take action on this now.