The current version of Users Directory shows the email and phone numbers of users. The phone number can be hidden in admin but the email is auto listed in the directory. Neither the admin nor the user has the control to hide their contact detail which is a violation of the user's privacy data.
When I highlighted this concern to Buildfire, they suggested an 'upgrade of 5K' just to enable to hide button for email and phone numbers of users. In my opinion, Buildfire shouldn't address this issue to suggest an upgrade because we are obliged to protect our user's data privacy by default. Regardless if our users are from the EU, UK or the US, the privacy law acts have expensive fines and neither Buildfire nor us as their client should take this legal concern lightly.
The suggestion features to add on users directory plugin as follows;
1) Enable hide/show button of contact details both to admin and user account.
2) Enable remove/disable user accounts on user directory.
3) Enable accept/reject button for message requests from other users.
As a techpreneur, we should practice privacy principles as the rights and obligations of users with respect to the collection, use, retention, disclosure, and disposal of personal information. It is not an optional offer to give to our users to protect their data. It is a legal duty.
27 September, 2021