BuildFire Team,
While I am waiting for my app to be published, I would love to share with you my thoughts on the Buildfire platform.
Overall, this is one of the most usable out of the box systems that resembles a WordPress like environment for app development, I enjoy that there are plugins for features that can be used throughout.
Peoples Directory, this could be a Members directory of users that have signed up, the members directory could be fully interactive, allowing for search of members (filter search, like locations, name, ect.), private messaging, with features like "Following" and "Adding Friends".
Private Chat, a feature built by BuildFire that is integrated into each profile would really enhance the overall experience when creating a social network. The chat feature that is being sold on the Market Place is not built professionally, it is very amateurish (DIY), I tested the feature when it was in Beta and did not like the experience. For example, WordPress has BuddyPress for their social networking platform, I really encourage you to checkout how BuddyPress Social Networking is built, I am currently using it on my website.
WordPress, I would also like to see a WordPress Feature plugin that can be integrated on BuildFire, this could be a really great addition.
Again, I am really looking forward to publishing my app with you guys, I had a lot of fun building the app in DIY!